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Thank you for visiting my site. I’ve been taking wedding photographs for over twenty five years and feel incredibly lucky to be able to capture and document the memories, love and happiness in my pictures. I approach weddings and portrait photography in a way that leads to an intimate and artful expression resulting in images that reflect your unique personality, capturing the mood of the day  that will be cherished by your family in the years to come.

My approach to wedding photography is:

Cover everything

No limit on the number of pictures taken

Try to be as least invasive into the day as possible

No hidden costs, agree a price before the day

A typical wedding day for me would begin with the Bride, about one and a half hours before the ceremony, this is a good opportunity for me to get an early introduction to some of the key people, as
well as allowing the Bride to get used to me being around with the cameras, and of course, results in
some lovely photos of the early part of the day. From here I like to get to the wedding venue about 20-30 minutes before the ceremony and get good coverage of the Groom, Best man, Ushers and Guests, right through until the dancing is underway in the evening. The vast majority of my images are taken of  real events as they unfold, resulting in a much more natural and engaging set of photographs. I do however take a selection of more formal, group photographs, as well as some relaxed portraits of the Bride and Groom.
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